Targeted Executive Coaching for High Potential Talent

How can you help engage and retain high potential talent who will successfully lead change and innovation?

There are great demands within organizations today to drive change and innovation. But rarely is there enough time to nurture or mentor those leaders and high potential talent who organizations depend on for their success. The impact and cost of not maximizing potential within an organization is significant. Unrealized potential of talent leads to lack of engagement, reduced effectiveness and costly turnover.

The Self-Directed Leader™ Targeted Executive Coaching Program is for your key senior leaders and future leaders.

Now that you’ve identified key individuals in your organization as high potential talent and future leaders, we will help you to speed up their development or fine tune their soft skills to increase their effectiveness and your bottom line.

Who benefits from targeted executive coaching?

• Senior leaders identified through succession planning
• High potential individuals
• Talented leaders who will fast track with improved leadership skills
• Executives and senior leaders who have recently faced increased demands and expectations
• Executives and senior leaders with effectiveness blind spots
• Professionals being asked to take on key leadership roles

Targeted Executive Coaching for High Potential Talent supports both organizations and individual leaders, helping them to transform and evolve their organizational soft skills. By investing in high potential talent, you will guarantee your own ROI.

Our Executive Coaching program helps organizations

• Retain and nurture key executives and senior leaders
• Develop future executives internally
• Build leadership soft skills and reduce effectiveness blind spots
• Enhance organizational leadership accountability
• Support leaders in meeting new and increased demands
• Expand leadership capacity of professionals and knowledge experts

How does the Targeted Executive Coaching for High Potential Talent Program Work?

We will provide one-on-one Executive Coaching targeted to specific areas of accountabilities and behaviors that you and your leaders agree are important for their growth. The leaders will then work one-on-one with the Self-Directed Leader™, Certified Executive Coach Ann Stanbra. Ann will work with you to establish desired outcomes and a step-by-step plan to measure success.

This program can be delivered in-residence, off-site or via telephone. Organizations who value high potential talent will realize a solid ROI from an investment in this program.

Upon completion of the program, you can expect to see guaranteed results. Now you will be able to nurture and retain high potential leaders rather than risk losing them to the competition. Now you will have a defined program to develop future executives internally and build leadership skills. Now you will have the ability to enhance leadership accountability and support your leaders in meeting their increased demands.

By identifying areas of coaching concentration, setting shared goals and developing a way to measure progress and success, our flexible coaching program will help you to create greater success for your high potential talent and your organization.

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