Leader Integration & Onboarding through Executive Coaching

In this fast paced environment, who is spending enough time with new leaders? Leadership Training through one-on-one Coaching is the answer to highly successful new leader integration and success.


Senior Leadership and Human Resources face several challenges. In order to meet the growing demands and expectations placed upon you, you no longer have the bandwidth to give new and upcoming leaders the attention they need to effectively integrate, engage and thrive in their new work environment.

The Self-Directed Leader™ Leader Integration & Onboarding through Executive Coaching can help address these issues by offering a committed Executive Coach to provide timely and successful leader integration. Through this process, we will nurture leadership evolvement and engagement in a new role and culture.

The benefits of personalized leadership training through Executive Coaching

  • Reduce early turnover and the significant costs associated with it
  • Integrate leaders following mergers and acqusitions
  • Increase new leader effectiveness—faster
  • Create a competitive differentiator in attracting top talent
  • Identify and remove barriers to integration
  • Provide useful feedback to support HR initiatives

One-on-One Dedicated Leadership Training & Onboarding

The Self-Directed Leader™ Leader Integration & Onboarding through Executive Coaching Program provides a committed Executive Coach to ensure timely, successful leader integration. With one-on-one leadership training through Executive Coaching, we will help nurture leadership evolvement in a new role and cultural setting while at the same time build upon leadership soft skills.

This will ensure that new hires are brought up to speed, engaged and maximizing their effectiveness as quickly as possible.

How does the program work?

The Self-Directed Leader™ Program:  Leader Integration & Onboarding through Executive Coaching Program is a well-defined four-step program with built-in measurements and feedback mechanisms.

This program can be delivered on-site, offsite or via telephone. It is available to both organizations and individual leaders interested in successful integrations, faster.

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