Organizational On-Site Coach: Performance, Leadership, Intervention, Effectiveness

How will a dedicated, on-site Professional Coach help you to meet organizational objectives and improve your bottom line?

Executive/Leadership coaching is a proven approach to helping smart business people overcome barriers to optimal performance and to immediately put new learning into practice. The complexities of today’s organizational life create unlimited opportunities for ‘just-in-time’ effectiveness training.  Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Getting leaders onboard with significant change initiatives or cultural shifts
  • Removing human capital barriers and blind spots to achieving organizational objectives
  • Integrating new leaders more effectively
  • Shifting paradigms from management to leadership
  • Increasing organizational performance through individual accountability
  • Building highly effective, engaged teams
  • Challenging status-quo thinking
  • Building leader confidence and courage
  • Creating an environment that enables innovative and reflective thinking
  • Creating leadership visions and brands

The Self-Directed Leader Organizational On-Site Coach Programs provide situational and real-time learning to drive greater organizational performance. An engaged, highly qualified coach committed to your organizational values and objectives supports your human capital in ‘how’ they can increase their personal and leadership and overall effectiveness. The program accomplishes your unique goals over a specified time period or as an ongoing contract arrangement. Ann Stanbra, a confidential external service provider armed with an increasing knowledge of your organizational drivers and culture, will work with your key talent behind the scenes to help them examine and fine-tune their leadership and move toward their full potential. Outcomes are determined in advance, with success measurements identified along the way and at program completion.

As your Organizational On-Site Coach, Ann Stanbra will dedicate a half-day to 3 days weekly or bi-weekly to your organization based on your needs. Senior Leadership and/or Human Resources will identify coaching candidates and expectations of the coaching program.  In her role as On-site Coach Ann will act as an arm’s length honorary member of your Executive or Human Resources team dedicated to strengthening your leadership talent’s soft skills, intervening in challenges with leading and change initiatives, while helping to create a performance culture.  When not on-site, Ann will be available via email and telephone, maximizing learning opportunities and supporting leaders as needs arise.

On-site Executive/Leadership Coaching with Ann Stanbra can be contracted under various on-site scenarios best suited to your requirements, such as:

  • Half day to 3 full days
  • Weekly to bi-weekly
  • Short-term (4 months) to an ongoing contract

Program details can be readily modified to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Targeted Executive Coaching for High Potential Talent
Leader Integration & Onboarding through Executive Coaching

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