About Ann Stanbra and The Self-Directed Leader™ Programs

About me: I began executive/leadership coaching in 2008 after receiving a Master’s Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University. This certification followed a successful career in both senior leadership and executive positions across different industries in consulting, sales, operations and human resources roles.

Each of the unique individuals I’ve worked with in over 2400 hours of coaching to date has helped me to continually fine-tune my skills in the art of coaching. Working with high potentials and watching their success stories unfold are my inspiration. I’ve worked with executives, senior management and high potential up-and-comers in a variety of lines of business and in size of organization. From a number of vantage points, I understand how organizations work.

Ann Jan 2013

In my own career experience, I’ve personally overcome many of the obstacles I’ve dealt with in my coaching practice and have successfully re-invented myself more than a few times! I’m grass roots, strategic, challenging and creative. I’ve looked at the world of work and potential through many lenses. Most importantly, I’m wholly committed to the agenda and success of each high potential leader that I build a professional relationship with through the Executive/Leadership Coaching work I do.

My beliefs about high potential individuals: I believe that high potential individuals are capable of achieving and enjoying far more success and satisfaction than many are currently experiencing. I believe there’s much untapped potential left un-nurtured in organizational life. In today’s complex business environments, leaders simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to adequately mentor and develop talent.Training programs provide a quick solutions which do not satisfy the ‘new need.’

I believe that too many high potential individuals reserve the notion of leadership for those at the top, rather than capitalizing on their own prospective empowerment that comes with self-directed leadership. I feel that barriers standing in the way of innovative and strategic thinking, and optimizing potential can be identified and overcome by bright, motivated learners when paired with an effective, committed coach.

These 7 beliefs underlie The Self-Directed Leader™ Programs:

1. Leadership in business is an extraordinary and untapped power source.
2. Leadership is a choice and a way of being as much as a set of skills.
3. Leadership develops out of the self and grows through nurturing.
4. Success-driven leaders readily embrace new learning.
5. All leaders hold on to hidden beliefs that are barriers to leadership.
6. Innovative leaders have a clear vision which creates future reality.
7. The best leaders develop cultures where everyone is encouraged to lead.

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